Standard modular furniture collections
for evolved retail.

Metalika produce and distribute innovative modular furniture solutions, conceived by established deisgners in project retail sector, developing the potentiality of some companie’s patents.

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Versatily and Performances.

Future Retail 2023

Metalika srl designs and manufactures innovative modular furnishings in electrified metal with integrated LEDs within its factories.

The company aims for the sale exclusively to retailers,
architects and design studios.
Our modular systems are very versatile, they adapt perfectly to the new and modern retail: Food and Wine, Bakeries, Herbalists, Perfumeries, Parapharmacies, Clothing, Footwear, Optics, etc.

Electrified uprights that adapt to the various sizes of the adjustable shelves with Integrated Led. Self-supporting structures with both fixed and adjustable shelves this integrated LEDs for the fashion and food retail sector.

Suspended ceiling display mannequin and metal elements with recessed led spotlight for wall, center of room and showcase. Floor display units of various heights in metal with perforated sheet metal top and arm
with height adjustable led.

Floor displays of various metal heights with perforated sheet metal top and arm with integrated led for rapid wireless ignition.

The coatings on the metals are painted with Grinz anti-stain effect powders.

Adattabile a qualsiasi esigenza e preferenza.

Il sistema a doghe elettrificato.

Just lighting for new shopping.

Lighting Project Retail is a supply of lighting devices with led technology. On request it can be accompanied by a detailed study on the right light for customer commercial space: starting from the floor plan and from the characteristic of furnishing elements, Metalika executes the lighting caltulations and, on the basis of them, provide a complete lighint project.