May 11 2020


Metalika srl, Metalika srl, presents new expositive and modular furniture solutions with integrated LED for
new and modern and innovative bakeries and food and wine.

Perforated sheet baskets adjustable in height and reclinable in three positions on electrified uprights
for bread display is the new and tested system that Metalika srl offers to an increasingly demanding
advanced clientele.

Self-supporting electrified metal structures where sheet metal shelves with integrated LEDs are adjustable
in height and a choice of many accessories are indicated for the display of: Wine, Oil, Cookies, Pasta
and food and wine products.

The metal is powder coated with anti-wrinkle wrinkle effect with finishes of your choice.
Architects, design studios and retailers specialized in shop furnishing are our interlocutors with whom the
company relates daily by creating custom-designed furnishings.

Project: Eugenio Ferrante

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